I make stories for podcasts and magazines, and help people build podcasts.

I started my career in Bolivia; first as a fixer, translator, and producer, then a few years later as a South America correspondent for NPR, where I reported stories about human rights, environment, and everything in between. Now I work as a podcast consultant, writer, and producer. Most recently, I was managing editor of the team that made Chapo: Kingpin on Trial for Vice News and Spotify.

Having worked in audio for more than a decade, I’m fully versed in all stages of production: from designing projects and building teams, to producing, writing, editing, and voicing. I also have degrees in anthropology and creative writing, and am bilingual in Spanish and English.

I’ll consider any project that’s compelling, professional, and ethically funded. As a human whose family and work is located across the Americas, I’m particularly interested in intimate narratives that illuminate how people’s lives are shaped by race, borders, and late capitalism. 

Clients include: Adonde Media, The Atlantic, The California Sunday Magazine, Duolingo, Harper’s, IDEO, KUOW, LA Times, Latino USA, National Public Radio, Marketplace, The New Yorker, Pacific Standard, Radio Ambulante, Smithsonian, Spotify, Stitcher, This American Life, VICE, and others.

My storytelling work has earned awards from the Arthur L. Carter Center at NYU, Blue Mountain Center, Bread Loaf, the Fulbright Program, the Fund for Investigative Journalism, the International Reporting Project, the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley, Middlebury College’s Environmental Reporting Fellowship, and the Rona Jaffe Foundation. Having time to sit with another person’s story is a privilege and I’m grateful for this support.

For reporting assignments or podcasting projects, please drop a note here. I’d love to chat. 

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