I’m a bilingual creative director and story editor. I work as executive editor at VICE Audio, do consulting, and volunteer as a sounding board for folks from backgrounds that are underrepresented in audio. I was born in rural Maine and have spent most of my life between there and the Andes.

I got my formal start in Bolivia; first as an interpreter and producer, then as an Andes correspondent, and later as an award-winning editor and executive producer for longform podcasts from Duolingo, Latino USA, Stitcher, Spotify, Radio Ambulante, VICE, and others.

My primary focus is show development and creative direction. I also enjoy working with individuals or teams who are grappling with a challenge or simply looking for a change.

As a person, I value equity, imagination, and generosity of spirit. I try hard to bring those values to everything I do.

For consultations: