I’m a journalist and story editor. I started my journalism career in Bolivia, as a producer and interpreter, then started to report audio stories for NPR. During that time, I also began reporting and writing longform stories for The Atlantic, Harper’s, VQR, and other outlets. After a move to the US, I discovered a love of story editing while working on shows for Stitcher, Spotify, and Vice. 

As an editor, I aim to be equal parts trusted sounding board, a collaborator with clear opinions, and caretaker of structure, language, and deadlines. Having navigated nearly every sort of journalism or production challenge out there, I’m also adept at strategy and problem-solving. My core values are equity, creativity, and mutual respect, and I bring those values to every project I’m part of.

Awards I’ve earned include an Edward R. Murrow, a Rona Jaffe fellowship, and multiple investigative reporting fellowships. Originally from rural Maine, I’ve spent my life between Maine and South America. I’m bilingual in English and Spanish and enjoy working in both languages. 

Feel free to get in touch here.