ANNIE AVILÉS (she/ella)

I make stories and help people turn stories into podcasts.

I‘m executive editor at VICE Audio, where my focus is show development, creative direction, and story editing. 

I started my journalism career in South America; first as an interpreter and “fixer” in Bolivia, then as a correspondent for NPR covering the Andean region. During that time I also published reported essays about race, class, and land justice in Harper’s, Mother Jones, and VQR. After moving to the US, I used the skills I’d learned in the Andes to work as a freelance editor and producer for longform podcasts from Radio Ambulante, Spotify,  This American Life, VICE, and others. I’m bilingual in English and Spanish and enjoy working in both languages. 

My work has earned a Murrow award, a Rona Jaffe fellowship, a Fulbright, and more. I value equity, imagination, and generosity of spirit, and try to bring those values to everything I do.

Please feel free to get in touch here.